Feeding Therapy

Feeding therapy treats children from infants to age 21 with oral motor feeding difficulties, behavioral concerns centered around eating, and resistant/picky eaters.  
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Signs and Symptoms of Feeding/Swallowing Disorders:
  • Frequent gagging
  • Frequent coughing during meals
  • Arching of back
  • Irritability during meals
  • Refusing foods
  • Failure to accept new textures
  • Longer than average feeding times (more than 30 minutes per meal
  • Excessive drooling during meals
  • Gurgly sounding voice during meals
  • Distress at presentation of foods
  • Frequent vomiting
  • Frequent throat clearing
  • Recurring pneumonia
  • Difficulty chewing age appropriate foods
Feeding Difficulties may include:
  • Problems sucking
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Overstuffing of foods
  • Frequent gagging/vomiting
  • Sensory feeding concerns
  • Safely swallowing age-appropriate foods
  • Limited intake of foods
  • Limited variety of food
  • Transitioning from tube to oral feedings

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